Contact the West Virginia State Tax Department and request a staggered payment plan. Office numbers from October 2014 are (304) 558-3333 or 1-800-982-8297. A representative will send you the CD-5 form, request a payment contract, or you can download it from the site. The form requires information such as you and your spouse`s names, Social Security numbers, address, phone numbers and work or company names. You must also provide your bank account data, monthly income and expenses, as well as the proposed monthly payment amount. Send the form to the address for the remaining returns, as well as a cheque for your first payment. If the service approves the payment, payments are due on the 15th of each month. Talk to a representative of the state tax office to find out more about interest and other expenses that may be incurred. (f) The Commissioner of Taxation may ask the Attorney General to appoint the Deputy Attorney General to perform the duties required by the Tax Commissioner. As part of the application, the Attorney General may, with the agreement of the Commissioner of Taxation, appoint and appoint assistant attorneys general who will serve during the will and pleasure of the Attorney General, and the assistants will be paid from all means made available to that effect by the legislative branch of the state`s tax division.

c) Before taking office, the Tax Commissioner takes the oath or confirmation prescribed in Article IV, paragraph 5, of the Constitution. The Tax Commissioner issues a $15,000 loan to be approved by the governor. The Tax Commissioner is reimbursed for his actual payments for travel expenses. The Tax Commissioner receives an office in a state or leased building, as well as furniture, office equipment and all the necessary support to the office. (4) If the average and average cost of housing in a county is higher or lower than the average and average costs for the state as a whole; And the Commissioner of Taxation participates in Public Works Committee meetings when he or she reviews tax or revenue issues, when he is invited by that committee or the governor to participate, and brings to the Committee, as he commands, the support he or the governor can give him or the governor for any assessment he or she must make. In the event of an appeal to a court for a possible assessment by the chamber in question, the Tax Commissioner must appear before a court and protect the interests of the state and any county, district or communal community that may be interested. He assists these officials, at the request of the auditor or treasurer, in all matters related to government revenues.