This analysis parallels the hybrid analysis of another class of D heads – relative pronouns – developed by Wechsler and Zlatié (2003:56-59). The relative serbo-Croatian pronoun koja “which (name) “, for example, describes intrinsic characteristics of the concord, but at the same time provides an index agreement between the name of the head and the predicate in the relative clause. Carstens, Vicki. DP to Bantu and Romance. In The Bantu-Romance connection: A comparative investigation of verbal agreement, DPs, and information structure, eds. Cecile of Cat and Katherine Demuth, 131-165. Amsterdam: Benjamins. The Director of Photography Services starts on START DATE: , 2014.The Director of Photography Services begins on the end date: , 2014 1) CET ACCORD, made this _________day of____March___ , 2014, between JOHN LAZEAR, SOC (hereafter referred to as “DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY”) and – EXECUTIVE PRODUCER and producer are jointly referred to in this document as PRODUCER COMPENSATION: In full and comprehensive consideration for the services to be provided under this agreement, the Director of Photography becomes the Director of Photography the remunerations set by the 1998 AICP/Local 600 IATSE collective agreement, which were worked during the period of USD 320.00. The producer agrees to pay the director of photography for the performance of his obligations by the director of photography as part of this note, and taking full account of the agreements, representations and guarantees of PRODUCER above, to pay the following amounts in the following way: payment in advance until the date. OTHER COMPENSATIONS: King, Tracy H. and Mary Dalrymple. 2004.

Accord Determiner and Nov-Conjunction. Journal of Linguistics 40: 69-104. An interesting question is the agreement on predictive adjectives and participations, categories that are not specified for

. If these elements correspond directly to the subject in nominal terms, they are expected to be able to target features of the concord. However, if they first reach an agreement with the auxiliary protocol, they will be obliged to enter into an index agreement. Variation expected and may indeed be real (see Changesler and Zlatié 2003:53-56 and “The hierarchy of preachers” in Corbett 2006:230-233). The complexity added to default function systems by distinguishing the Concord Index raises technical questions for the concept of feature matching (Danon 2013). The typical characteristics [concord – number] and [index – number] and the non-typed function [number] (on adjectives) are “the same”? Some equivalence is necessary to ensure, for example, that a single morpheme can express one of the first two and that both can correspond to the third.