This morning, I am following the package, and they say, “UPS keeps the cargo in a secure system until the instructions and agreement stand.” It happened to me. I have a laptop coming up. Detained in Ontario for almost 2 days for the same reason, he was released last night. Where it is called “lagerscan” when he was kept in a camp. I think shipping centers in China are staring at the paperwork or the fees are not being paid properly. Due to the increase in demand, I am sure they are overloaded. UPS just told me that a flight was late and that it had to be stopped, but I`m not so sure that was it. It is currently en route to my local centre and is scheduled for Monday. Everyone else went through the same thing remotely? The package is scheduled for August 24. I ordered a PC shell and apparently sent his from the US. Which is good. They charged me an additional $50 plus $168.00 for shipping and handling.

I confirmed with the representative of NewEgg that tariffs and tariffs are included in those $50 dollars. (Screenshot of the Track Stamped Times) Ads Previous Messages: All postsThe last day 7 daysIn last 2 weeksThe last 6 months Last month Last year Last year There is currently 1 user who watches this thread. (0 members and 1 guest) I called NewEgg and they said they had filed an application to deliver my shipment. I received an email from them with a copy of the application and it says “Claim Reason: Lost Package” I called UPS and they said, because no tariffs/tariffs were paid on the lot, they are waiting to hear back from customs and get a breakdown of the amount I have to pay..