Virginia stockbrokers are contracts in which a real estate agent agrees to sell a property as the owner`s broker. There are two (2) main types of listing agreements, an exclusive agreement (the most common type) and an open agreement. In an exclusive listing agreement, the broker obtains the exclusive right to sell the owner`s property for a commission. While in an open agreement, the seller can involve as many brokers as they wish and can only pay the broker who sells the property successfully. In Virginia, a real estate agent can act as a broker for both buyer and seller in a transaction (so-called “duale” or “limited” agency) provided they receive written agreement from both parties. Once the broker and seller have executed the contract, the broker has the power to negotiate the sale of the property until the contract expires. Northern Virginia Assoc. of Realtors (Revised 1999) – Adobe PDF Property Disclosure Statement – State law requires owners of residential real estate to provide potential buyers with a full disclosure statement. Find a licensee – The license search site of the professional and professional regulatory department. Disclosure form for agencies (18VAC135-20-220) – Seller must read and sign. Dual Agency (No. 54.1-2139) – Allows in Virginia if the agent receives written consent from all parties (buyers and sellers).