Unisono and the world leader in robotic process automation (RPA), Uipath, have signed a cooperation agreement to optimize the operation of their customers. Thanks to this agreement, Unisono Group has a technological and innovative partner that ensures greater accuracy and operational reliability. This Directive lists unacceptable actions by customers when using software (“UiPath”), designed or conceded by UiPath. A real or attempted violation of this directive, which UiPath believes results in a credible risk of harm to UiPath or its products and services, its customers or third parties, may lead to the removal of the customer account and, if necessary, legal action against the customer. The wholesale terms that are used below but are not defined in this directive have the meaning defined in the applicable licensing agreement for the UiPath platform (“agreement”). UiPath reserves the right to update this directive at any time without prior written notification to the customer. It is the customer`s responsibility to monitor and control all activities carried out via their account in relation to the UiPath platform. Customers should immediately notify UiPath security.breach@uipath.com if they are aware of illegal or unauthorized activities or security breaches with their accounts, including unauthorized loss, theft or disclosure, or use of a username, password or account. In the event of a conflict between the applicable license agreement and a valid licensing agreement between the customer and UiPath for the use of the UiPath RPA platform, the latter is a priority in the scope of the dispute. For customers with withdrawn competing licenses, UiPath strives to obtain them by providing tailored business agreements to all customers.

These agreements may include exclusive discounts, including for multi-user add-on. 9.1 UiPath Community Forum. The client`s participation in the program is subject to this agreement. However, UiPath may work with the customer through other services that may be subject to additional specific conditions. For the provision of preview offers and for communication about the program, UiPath uses the UiPath Community Forum (forum.uipath.com/) (“Forum”) and the client`s access and actions within the forum are subject to the terms of use of the UiPath Community Forum that the client will accept upon entering the forum. If the client is already a member of the Forum, continued use of the Forum will be subject to the terms of use of the UiPath Forum when creating an account in the Forum, including subsequent updates. By registering for the program, you declare that you have read and understood this agreement, you are the legal age of the “majority” in which you live and you agree to be bound by the terms of that agreement that are necessary to participate in the program. You can contact us at contractnotice@uipath.com if you have any questions about this agreement. 9.2 UiPath products and services. The software made available to the customer as part of the program consists without restriction of functions, add-ons, components, plug-ins, connectors and APIs that are part or can be used in UiPath products and services (such as the UiPath RPA platform or the UiPath Cloud Platform), and these products and services remain subject to the terms of the corresponding licensing agreement that the customer has accepted or agreed with UiPath.

In the event that the software or services are made available to the customer without the associated licensing conditions, this agreement applies.